Select Publications

  • Allen TA, Hallquist MN, Wright AGC, Dombrovski AY (2022). Negative affectivity and disinhibition as moderators of an interpersonal pathway to suicidal behavior in borderline personality disorder. Clinical Psychological Science 10(5), 856-868.

  • Brown VM, Hallquist MN, Frank MJ, Dombrovski AY (2022) Humans adaptively resolve the explore-exploit dilemma under cognitive constraints: Evidence from a multi-armed bandit task. Cognition 229.

  • Tsypes A, Szanto K, Bridge, JA, Brown VM, Keilp JG, Dombrovski AY. (2022) Delay discounting in suicidal behavior: Myopic preference or inconsistent valuation? J. Psychopathology and Clinical Science. 131(1), 34-44.

  • Dombrovski AY, Luna B, Hallquist MN. Differential reinforcement encoding along the hippocampal long axis helps resolve the explore-exploit dilemma. Nature Communications, 2020 26;11(1):5407. PMID: 33106508. PMCID: PMC7589536

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